HBO addiction campaign launched at fifteenth of march

18 03 2007

HBO launched an addiction campaign at march the 15th (few days ago), along with the help of some hefty sponsors.

The Addiction Project is produced by HBO in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). (HBO website)

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Top 9 self inflicting misconceptions about pot smoking

18 03 2007

Smoking pot is ALWAYS evil. NOnonononono, doing it chronically is!, when your not in control, THATS when its bad. But if you dont think about it etc!, then your good!. Here is how you can judge!, think of the last 5 joints you had!, did you smoke them in the past 2 weeks? or the past year? 🙂 you get my drift!.

Pot is scientifically suggested to be good for you. WHAT!?!?!?!?! WHO SAID THAT!?, can someone who is’nt rolling a big fatty AND completely objective please tell me that this is right!?

I smoke up too much to calm my nerves. Actually, next to cocaine, pot WILL MAKE YOU punch through a wall!, perhaps not after you toke. But give it an hour or two. And you will get crazy mood swings because of it.

I’m in control of my pot smoking habits. No your not!, the fact that you are making a point of this speaks volume. People who are in control of their smoking habits usually DONT think about it!. AND THATS THE KEY!, its when your thinking about it, when it IS occupying your thoughts, THATS when you are not in control. Think of those get rich quick schemes!, what is the first thing that they will tell you? “This is NOT a get quick rich scheme!”, sure it is’nt 🙂 or when someone comes to you OUT OF THE BLUE and says, “I’m not racist BUT” (i live in north America, which i’m only short term native to). People WILL deny their bad habits in WORDS then DO THEM IN ACTION!!!!!!!!. You get my point!

I think smoking makes the artist in me come about!. IT WILL IF AND ONLY IF your not doing it chronically!, this is my word and i’m sticking to it. Let me define this a bit further. If you play guitar with your buddies to celebrate each of your birthday (which could be less than 5-10 times a year), then perhaps!!!!!. But there is another big issue here!, your close circle of 5-10 buddies!, 2-5 of them WILL fall victims to it!. Maybe it could be you!.

I dont know if i can ever quit. (Shake my head left and right), you sad sad SAD panda!. If you give up the fight!, your NOT ALIVE!.

I think pot smokers are all losers. Actually, you will be surprised as to how many people with DECENT jobs and GOOD family’s are pot CHAIN smoking!, they are in a lot of pain usually.

I just smoke when my buddies are around. If this puts you in a situation where you guys are smoking all the time, THEN GET NEW FRIENDS!. Either that, or get b4lls!, learn how to say no, and how not to be pushed around by people. I mean, i NEVER smoked cause people around me did!, it was always my own idiocy!

I wanna quit weed when X. The thing you have to understand is. Chronic behaviour accumulates and STRENGTHEN over time. If you wanna quit when you get a nice girl, when you get a good job, when you move back home, when you graduate from college, or when you WHATEVER; TRUST ME, you wont with this mentality!. I promised myself to quit on ALL different occasions. I was SOOO blind to the fact that, the PROBLEM is not the current settings of my life, the problem is CHRONIC WEED!. And the more you let it take over, the MORE IT WILL.

To conclude, if you smoke weed. YOU KNOW, if its an issue!. DEEP DOWN INSIDE OF YOU YOU KNOW. DONT QUIT NOW, just be aware of the fact that you have issues!, thats a good start!. And let it leave your body slowly, just like it got in there!. God bless. (No, i’m not religious, but i do believe in higher power)

I want to quit the chronic

18 03 2007

First thing is first, i used to be so hopelessley addicted to weed. It got so bad to the point where i would smoke 3-6 times a day, and i could’nt even recognize its smell!.

I dont smoke any more, its been a week!. I know it does’nt seem like much, but this is the first week i went without smoking anything in about three years!. And i dont have any intentions of falling for this again.

I dont claim that its completly out of my system, BUT, i’ll do everything in my power to make sure that it will be.

Writing about my journey was something that i wanted to keep private. However, if i manage to inspire at least ONE PERSON out there who is suffering from the problem which i am suffering from. Then this blog has served its purpose!. That, and the nice comments which i’m anticipating will strengthen my will.

So i think that it will be fair as to tell what you what to expect from weednomo. This is a fairly emotional issue. And i cant help respecting this nature. However, there will be lots of toturials, answers, THINGS TO DO, list to check off, actual TOOLS which will help someone who is suffering from this. There are lots of resources on the internet, i will attempt to compile as much of it in this blog free of charge (ofcourse!!).

Hopefully, i’ll get some positive feed back, if i did’nt get much readers in few months, then i may hault it. I will do all my best to promote this blog, and make it as accasable to as many people as i can. Again, we’re aiming just for ONE MORE PERSON to be enspired, 🙂

My dream is to QUIT, and to have many testamonials from people that i can show off as badges of honour in a page within this blog.

ARight aright aright, enough with the rambling.