I want to quit the chronic

18 03 2007

First thing is first, i used to be so hopelessley addicted to weed. It got so bad to the point where i would smoke 3-6 times a day, and i could’nt even recognize its smell!.

I dont smoke any more, its been a week!. I know it does’nt seem like much, but this is the first week i went without smoking anything in about three years!. And i dont have any intentions of falling for this again.

I dont claim that its completly out of my system, BUT, i’ll do everything in my power to make sure that it will be.

Writing about my journey was something that i wanted to keep private. However, if i manage to inspire at least ONE PERSON out there who is suffering from the problem which i am suffering from. Then this blog has served its purpose!. That, and the nice comments which i’m anticipating will strengthen my will.

So i think that it will be fair as to tell what you what to expect from weednomo. This is a fairly emotional issue. And i cant help respecting this nature. However, there will be lots of toturials, answers, THINGS TO DO, list to check off, actual TOOLS which will help someone who is suffering from this. There are lots of resources on the internet, i will attempt to compile as much of it in this blog free of charge (ofcourse!!).

Hopefully, i’ll get some positive feed back, if i did’nt get much readers in few months, then i may hault it. I will do all my best to promote this blog, and make it as accasable to as many people as i can. Again, we’re aiming just for ONE MORE PERSON to be enspired, 🙂

My dream is to QUIT, and to have many testamonials from people that i can show off as badges of honour in a page within this blog.

ARight aright aright, enough with the rambling.




One response

18 03 2007

What is the reason you’re quitting? Have you prioritized weed ahead of other more important parts of your life? A couple tips for quitting.. always phrase your statements about your relationship to weed with you as the decision maker. By that I mean don’t say “weed caused me to…” instead say “I chose weed because…” which will turn weed from an emotionally linked issue to a passive plant.

I used to smoke alot, like you did, but about 2 years ago I just decided it wasn’t for me, so quitting was easy. If I had tried to quit a year prior it would have been damn hard because I was around more pot smokers so I wouldn’t have had the will to say no. Maybe you’re in the same boat… probably alot of your friends smoke as much as you did. If that’s the case you honestly might have to be around them less as the temptation can be overwhelming. I would have never passed up a smoke back in my day but now I wouldn’t think twice about declining.

The important thing to realize is that weed might not be right for you… in fact it may be entirely wrong. It’s still an amazing plant and many people benefit from it greatly. Recently I did smoke after nearly a year of none at all (and I hadnt smoked for around 6 months prior to that) and I did enjoy the residual effects it had on my brain. For days I felt more cognitively sharp which is in contrast to how dull I felt as a daily smoker. Perhaps my ideal interval between puffs is 2 weeks or a month. I am glad I stopped smoking though… it helped clear up my mind and get some perspective on the drug.

Good luck with quitting. Try replacing the habit with something else, like green tea. It’s very delicious.

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